Pluto Little Dippy

Pluto Little Dippy at the Zoo

While at the Desert Museum outside of Tucson, Pluto Little Dippy ran into an old friend.

Hi! I’m Pluto Little Dippy and I am the mascot from Red Hill in 2009. Once the club was over, I was a little distraught, but then I started traveling with the UVA grad students. My first trip was to the Kennedy Space Center where I watched a space shuttle launch. It was incredible! Since then I’ve gone across the world, but still nothing has topped the launch. One day I’ll be on a shuttle … maybe.

Aspiration: To connect with extra-terrestrial life. I want to find it and then travel to meet it.
Favorite DSBK Lesson: Rockets! Anything that involves launching has to be fun!
Favorite Constellation: Lyra
This constellation contains the star Vega, a star that is only 25 light years from the Earth. It is one of the brightest stars in the night sky and one of the brightest stars in the solar neighborhood.
Favorite Galaxy: the Milky Way; This is the galaxy we live in and the only one I would be able to explore in cougar, so this is one is obviously my favorite.
One thing I bet you didn’t know: I’ll school you in soccer, you just have to play it my way.


Pluto Little Dippy poses 2 stories above a mirror being cast for the GMT while visiting the Steward Mirror Lab at the Univ. of Arizona.


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