Photo Courtesy of Bruce Press

Hello! My name is Nicole, aka the Noisy Astronomer. I am delighted to have been a Dark Skies, Bright Kids volunteer since 2010. The mascots come along with me to radio telescopes and rocket launches, two of my favorite things.

I love radio astronomy, which is a way of seeing light from the cosmos that our eyes can’t see. I like to tinker and build, even though the engineers usually have to step in and fix it. I also love teaching, public outreach, and blogging about science.

Aspiration: to one day be as awesome as Dr. Pamela Gay. It’s okay, I’ve told her that.
Favorite DSBK Lesson: Comets. Science is messy and fun!
Favorite Constellation: Scorpio.
Favorite Galaxy: 3C273… the first quasar I worked on.
One thing I bet you didn’t know: I blog for the Discovery Channel.

Me, Buzznaut, and James "The Amazing" Randi, magician and proponent of critical thinking.


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