Meteor Shower


Hi guys, I’m Meteor Shower and I’m the 2010 Red Hill mascot. I had a great time learning about astronomy with the Red Hill students. I haven’t gotten to travel much yet, but I’m excited to see and share the world with you, wherever I may go!

Aspiration: to make science as green as the Earth we study.
Favorite DSBK Lesson: rocket building with recycled materials.
Favorite Constellation: Perseus, a clever hero who used a unique technique to slay the Gorgon.
Favorite Galaxy: 1 Zwicky 18, the most sludge free galaxy known. This galaxy has the lowest metal content of any galaxy known. This means that most of the material in the galaxy is similar to the material that was first created in the Big Bang! Talk about eco-friendly!
One thing I bet you didn’t know: I speak Spanish!


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