Kim inside a radio dish at the Very Large Array (VLA).

Hi! My name is Kim and I have been volunteering for DSBK since the fall of 2010. I am looking forward to a great year with DSBK, so you will see me around! I got the pleasure of travelling a mascot when I went on a tour of the telescopes in the American Southwest. I have a funny story about that- during the trip I tried to sleep on Terra and couldn’t have been moreĀ  surprised when her growl woke me up!

Aspiration: to work on an astronomy journal
Favorite DSBK Lesson: pocket solar system
Favorite Constellation: Lyra which goes directly over head both here in C’ville and my hometown in CO!
Favorite Galaxy: the Sombrero galaxy
One thing I bet you didn’t know: I have never been out of the country but can’t wait to take a mascot with me once I get the chance


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