Posted by: Pluto Little Dippy | January 10, 2011

Space Center Tour (KSC Part 2)

After the successful launch of the space shuttle Endeavor, my friends and I got to take a VIP tour of the Kennedy Space Center. (VIP means Very Important Person, or Very Important Panther, in my case!)

Hanging out with our NASA guide, Aleya, and my new mascot friends, Timmy from Thinkgeek and Camilla the SDO chicken.

Nicole, George, and Aleya were here for the launch of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO. Camilla is SDO’s best buddy, and was excited to see the little robot satellite go, even if she was sad. SDO will take really detailed pictures of the sun, so we can learn more about how it works and how it affects Earth. Watch the video below to see!

The VIPs hopped onto a tour bus to see all the cool things around the Kennedy Space Center. We got a closer view of the shuttle launch pads just days after the shuttle launch that we saw!

I show off all my cool space pins with George and Nicole

Many of the structures at the Kennedy Space Center have been around since the 1960s when NASA sent astronauts to the Moon on the huge Saturn V rocket. A big rocket needs a REALLY big building, like the Vehicle Assembly Building, or VAB. This is the largest one-story building in the world. It’s almost four times the height of the Empire State Building in New York! Today, the space shuttle is connected to its huge external tank and rockets inside. This building is a part of spaceflight history and present, and it was so overwhelming to stand near it.

Camilla and I, hanging out. She has a pretty new spacesuit because she wants to be an astronaut, too!

Spending time at the VAB with my new space-tweep buddy, Brian.

After our tour, we were all geared up to see another launch, that of Camilla’s buddy, SDO. Hooray for more rockets!


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